Covid-19 Office Visit Protocol (05-22-2021)

See information below with our current office hours. All visits will be by appointment only. Scheduled sick visits are readily available.
Your child's safety is our priority. We want to ensure our well children stay well and we want to continue to provide care for our children that are sick. To that end we have instituted the following in our office:
1. Separate entrances and areas of the office for well and sick children.
2. Staff and providers are either working in the well area or the sick area....not shifting back and forth.
3. All rooms are being cleaned thoroughly between patients. No toys are in the exam rooms.
4. There is NO waiting room - you will be greeted at the door and escorted directly to an exam room.
5. All children and caregivers are being screened prior to entering our office to ensure they are seen in the appropriate area of the office.
6. We ask that the child and only 1 caregiver attend the appointment if possible.
7. We require that the parent/guardian/caregiver and child 5 years and older wear a mask to their appointment. If the child is less than 2 years old they should NOT wear a mask. If the child is less than 5 years but greater than 2 years, we strongly encourage mask use.
8. All staff are screened each day prior to starting their workday. Staff will be wearing a mask at all times. They may be wearing additional personal protective equipment as well.
We encourage our families to continue to have your child receive their appropriate well child care and stay up to date on their vaccinations. Please see the article on the Patient Education page for more on this topic.
We are able to provide many of our patients care through telehealth services (with audio and video capabilities) with our providers.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make changes during this ever-evolving COVID 19 pandemic. Remember that social distancing, wearing a mask when you are in public, staying home if you are sick and good hand hygiene are critical during this time. As always, Rainbow Pediatrics wants to ensure the safest environment and best care for you and your family.